Indian Economy

Indian Economy
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Economy.
46. Which country's Antarctic claim covers the greatest swath of longitude?
  A.  New Zealand
  B.  United Kingdom
  C.  Argentina
  D.  Australia
47. Which Agricultural export item is second in case of India?
  A.  marine product
  B.  rice
  C.  sugar
  D.  oil cake

48. What is the capital of the country, Turkey?
  A.  Ankara
  C.  Damascus
  C.  Istanbul
  D.  Izmir
49. The head quarters of ILO is at
  A.  washington
  B.  geneva
  C.  the hague
  D.  manila
50. Which one of the following has the largest livestock population in the world?
  A.  Brazil
  B.  China
  C.  India
  D.  USA
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