Indian Economy

Indian Economy
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Economy.
11. Who wrote the book "planned Economy for india"?
  A.  M.Visvesvaraya
  B.  Sardar vallabhai patel
  C.  Jawaharlal Nehru
  D.  mahatma gandhi
12. Who is the Deputy Chairman of planning commission?
  A. Prime minister
  B. Finance minister
  C. Commerce minister
  D. None of these

13. Planning in india derives its objectives from
  A.  Fundamental Rights
  B.  Fundamental Duties
  C.  Directive Principles of state policy
  D.  Preamble
14. The Contribution of agriculture to india’s economy is ?
  A.  Increasing
  B.  decreasing
  C.  Constant
  D.  None of these
15. The planning commission is
  A.  Ministry
  B.  a government department
  C.  an advisory body
  D.  anautonomouscorporation
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