Indian Economy

Indian Economy
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Economy.
21. Which state produces maximum soyabean ?
  A.  Madhya Pradesh
  B.  Uttar Pradesh
  C.  Bihar
  D.  Rajasthan
22. The first bank established in india was
  A. punjab bank
  B. traders bank
  C. state bank of india
  D. bank of hindustan

23. The largest public sector bank in india is
  A.  central bank
  B.  punjab bank
  C.  state bank of india
  D.  indian overseas bank
24. Which one of the following is the banker of the banks?
  A.  IDBI
  B.  SBI
  C.  RBI
  D.  SBI and RBI
25. Kasturba Gandhi Education Scheme is related to
  A.  Girl Education
  B.  Adult Education
  C.  Child Labour Education
  D.  Tribal Women
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