DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
86. Gondwana Hills are located in
  A.  Punjab
  B.  Madhya Pradesh
  C.  Nagaland
  D.  Jammu and Kashmir
87. Rohia National Park is located in
  A.  Madhya Pradesh
  B.  West Bengal
  C.  Uttar Pradesh
  D.  Himachal Pradesh

88. Idukki Dam is on the river
  A.  Krishna
  B.  Cauvery
  C.  Ghataprabha
  D.  Periyar
89. The biggest Public sector undertaking in the country is
  A.  Roadways
  B.  Airways
  C.  Railways
  D.  Iron&steel plants
90. The length of India’s coastline is about
  A.  5900 km
  B.  6100 km
  C.  7000 km
  D.  7500 km