DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
116. What is Ranthambor famous for
  A.  Rhinoceros
  B.  Tiger
  C.  Panther
  D.  Elephant
117. The Head Quarters of North Eastern Railways is at
  A.  Danapur
  B.  Calcutta
  C.  Gorakhpur
  D.  Assam

118. Nuclear power station in Rajasthan is situated at
  A.  Rawatbhatta
  B.  Kota
  C.  Pokharan
  D.  None of these
119. The largest producing mineral in India, out of the following is
  A.  Copper
  B.  Zinc
  C.  Mica
  D.  Gold
120. In India, the state known for its sandalwood is
  A.  Assam
  B.  Tamil Nadu
  C.  Karnataka
  D.  Kerala