Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
51. Which metal was first used by the Indus people?
  A.  Gold
  B.  Silver
  C.  Tin
  D.  Carlinean
52. Which of the following regions did not form the part of Ashoka’s empire?
  A.  Taxila
  B.  Kanauj
  C.  Kashmir
  D.  Madras

53. The founder of the first Afghan rule in India was
  A.  Sikandar Lodi
  B.  Sher Shan Suri
  C.  Bahlul Lodi
  D.  Ibrahim Lodi
54. Bimbisara was the ruler of
  A.  Avadh
  B.  Magadh
  C.  Gandhara
  D.  Kamboja
55. The first council of jainism to compile the canon was held at
  A.  Rajagriha
  B.  Pataliputra
  C.  Mithila
  D.  Valabhi
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