Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
26. Who was the first to describe the great mutiny of 1857 as the first War of Independence?
  A.  Nehru
  B.  Tilak
  C.  VD Savarkar
  D.  Lajpat Rai
27. Which of the following dynasties of early medieval India was justly famous for its system of village administration?
  A.  Pandyas
  B.  Rashtrakutas
  C.  Shakti
  D.  Cholas

28. Buddhist historian Taranath belonged to
  A.  Tibet
  C.  China
  C.  Mongolia
  D.  Japan
29. With which one of the following is the classic Jivaka Chintamani associated?
  A.  Buddhism
  B.  Hinduism
  C.  Sikhism
  D.  Jainism
30. What was the basis of class differentiation among Aryans?
  A.  Economic condition
  B.  Trade
  C.  Color
  D.  None of these