Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
36. The British East India Company established its first factory in India at
  A.  Madras
  B.  Surat
  C.  Calcutta
  D.  Bombay
37. Satavahanas belonged to
  A.  Maharastra
  B.  Andhra region
  C.  Konkan region
  D.  Kalinga

38. Who delivered his first sermon at Sarnath?
  A.  Buddha
  C.  Mahavira
  C.  Shankaracharya
  D.  None of these
39. Relics of Buddha are preserved in a
  A.  Vihara
  B.  Chaitya
  C.  Stupa
  D.  Monastery
40. What was the name of Tipu Sultan's father?
  A.  Haydar Ali
  B.  Pandit Purnia
  C.  Ghazi Khan
  D.  Mir Sadiq