Indian Parliament

Indian Parliament
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Parliament.
11. The Constitution names our country as
  A.  Bharat
  B.  India, that is Bharat
  C.  Hindustan
  D.  Aryavarta
12. Which of the following is not apart of the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?
  A. Secularism
  B. Socialism
  C. Democratic Republic
  D. Federalism

13. The source of India's Sovereignty lies in the
  A.  President
  B.  Prime Minister
  C.  People of India
  D.  Preamble to the constitution
14. India opted for a federal form of government because of
  A.  vast territory
  B.  cultural integration
  C.  linguistic and regional diversity
  D.  administrative conveniece
15. In the Rajya Sabha, the President can appoint how many representatives
  A.  6
  B.  8
  C.  10
  D.  12
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