Indian Parliament

Indian Parliament
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Parliament.
31. In 2011, The current leader of the Rajya Sabha is
  A.  Sonia Gandhi
  B.  Mr. Arun Jaitly
  C.  Pratibha Patil
  D.  Dr. Manmohan Singh
32. Right to Consitutional Remedies comes under
  A. fundamental rights
  B. legal rights
  C. consitutional rights
  D. natural rights

33. Indian Constitutional recognises Minorities on the basis of
  A.  religion
  B.  caste
  C.  population
  D.  colour
34. On Whom does the Constitution conferspecial responsibility for the enforcement of fundamental rights?
  A.  Parliament
  B.  Supreme court
  C.  President
  D.  State legislature
35. The budget is presented by the Finance Minister to the
  A.  Prime Minister
  B.  President
  C.  Lok Sabha
  D.  Rajya Sabha
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