Indian Parliament

Indian Parliament
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Parliament.
36. The government of India has launched a new scheme for the Girl Child. What is the name of the scheme?
  A.  Raj Lakshmi
  B.  Rani Bitia
  C.  Dhan Lakshmi
  D.  Aanandita
37. Protection of the interests of the minorities is envisaged in which of the following articles?
  A.  14
  B.  29
  C.  19
  D.  32

38. The President's rule in a state means that the state is ruled by
  A.  the president
  B.  a caretaker government
  C.  the C.M nominated by the president
  D.  the governor of the state
39. Under which article of the constitution is the president's rule promulgated on any state in India?
  A.  352
  B.  356
  C.  360
  D.  370
40. Who administers the oath of office to the President?
  A.  Chief Justice of India
  B.  Speaker of Lok Sabha
  C.  Prime minister
  D.  Vice President
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