Indian Parliament

Indian Parliament
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian Parliament.
1. The constitution of India was adopted by the
  A.  Governor General
  B.  British Parliament
  C.  Constituent Assembly
  D.  Parliament o India
2. Who among the following was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution?
  A. Rajendra Prasad
  B. BR Ambedkar
  C. Tej BAhadur Sapru
  D. C Rajgopalachari

3. Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly?
  A.  Pt Jawaharlal Prasad
  B.  Dr Rajendra Prasad
  C.  Dr BR Ambedkar
  D.  C Rajgopalachari
4. The Constituent Assemble for undivide India first met on
  A.  6th December,1946
  B.  9th December,1946
  C.  20th February 1947
  D.  3rd June 1947
5. The Council of States in India is generally known as
  A.  Lok Sabha
  B.  Parliament
  C.  Raj Sabha
  D.  AD hoc Committee

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