Inventions and Discoveries

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Inventions.
1. The nucleic acid in cells was discovered by
  A.  Huxley
  B.  A.Kossel
  C.  F.Miescher
  D.  E.Strasburger
2. Who invented the telephone?
  A. Thomas Alwa Edison
  B. Galileo
  C. G.Marconi
  D. Alexander Graham Bell

3. Nobel Prize was started after the name of Alfred Nobel who invented?
  A.  Dynamite
  B.  Telephone
  C.  Aeroplane
  D.  Safety lamp
4. Electron was first identified by
  A.  Rutherford
  B.  Newton
  C.  J.J.Thomson
  D.  James Chadwick
5. The scientist credited with the discovery of noble gases is
  A.  Cavendish
  B.  Madam Curie
  C.  Rutherford
  D.  Mac Donald

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