Inventions and Discoveries

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
6. Who invented the Lift?
  A.  Michael Faraday
  B.  J.L.Baird
  C.  Thomas Alva Editon
  D.  E.G.Otis
7. Cholera bacillus was discovered by
  A.  Ronald Ross
  B.  Robert Koch
  C.  Joseph Lister
  D.  Louis Pasteur

8. The law of definite proportions is associated with the name of
  A.  Dalton
  B.  Lavoisier
  C.  Proust
  D.  Gay Lussac
9. Who invented X–ray?
  A.  Einstein
  B.  Roentgen
  C.  Rutherford
  D.  Baird
10. The scientific study of ageing is known as
  A.  Teratology
  B.  Osteology
  C.  Gerantology
  D.  Etiology
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