Inventions and Discoveries

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
11. The petrol engine was invented by
  A.  Nikolaus Otto
  B.  James Watt
  C.  Rudolph Diesel
  D.  None of these
12. Who developed the telegraphic code?
  A.  Jean Fourier
  B.  Joseph Henry
  C.  Andre Ampere
  D.  Samuel Morse

13. The first operational compound microscope was developed by
  A.  Robert Brown
  B.  Robert Hooke
  C.  Janseen
  D.  M.Schultze
14. Which of the following theories was not proposed by Charles Darwin?
  A.  Survival of the fittest
  B.  Inheritance of acquired characters
  C.  Natural selection
  D.  Struggle for existence
15. Gun powder was invented by
  A.  Alfred Nobel
  B.  Alfred Einstein
  C.  Roger Bacon
  D.  Alexander Flemming
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