Inventions and Discoveries

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
26. Mercury Thermometer was invented by
  A.  Newton
  B.  Fahrenheit
  C.  Galileo
  D.  Priestley
27. Who discovered that the earth was not the centre of the universe?
  A.  Isaac Newton
  B.  Aristotle
  C.  Copernicus
  D.  Eratosthenes

28. Blood Grouping was discovered by
  A.  Robert Koch
  B.  Louis Pasteur
  C.  William Harvey
  D.  Landsteiner
29. The Electric Lamp was discovered by
  A.  Ford
  B.  Edison
  C.  Marconi
  D.  Shockley
30. Who was the first to observe ultraviolet rays?
  A.  William Herschel
  B.  Auguste Comte
  C.  Rutherford
  D.  Johann Wilhelm Ritter
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