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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Physics.
26. What is the main constituent of coal gas?
  A.  Oxygen
  B.  Water
  C.  Nitrogen
  D.  Methane
27. Old written material, which cannot be read easily, can be read by
  A.  Cosmic rays
  B.  Ultraviolet rays
  C.  Infrared rays
  D.  none of these

28. If the distance between two masses is increased by a factor of 2, the gravitational force of attraction between them will
  A.  reduce by a factor of 4
  B.  reduce by a factor of 2
  C.  remain Same
  D.  increase by a factor of 2
29. The current I drawn from the 5 volt source will be
  A.  0.17 A
  B.  0.33 A
  C.  0.5 A
  D.  0.67 A
30. A red object, when seen through a thick blue glass, appears
  A.  White
  B.  Black
  C.  Blue
  D.  None of these
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