physics questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Physics.
36. Which of the following measurements is not a unit of distance?
  A.  Ammeter
  B.  Cubit
  C.  Parsec
  D.  angstrom
37. Which one of the following remains constant while throwing a ball upward?
  A.  Displacement
  B.  Kinectic energy
  C.  Acceleration
  D.  Velocity

38. Pure water freezes at what temperature?
  A.  47 F
  B.  32 F
  C.  0 F
  D.  19 F
39. Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?
  A.  Vitamin A
  B.  Vitamin B
  C.  Vitamin C
  D.  Vitamin D
40. Zinc Oxide is
  A.  Acidic
  B.  Basic
  C.  Neutral
  D.  Amphoteric
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