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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Physics.
41. In a sitar wire which one of the following types of vibration is produced?
  A.  Progerssive longitudinal
  B.  Stationary longitudinal
  C.  Progerssive transverse
  D.  Stationary transverse
42. Which gas in the atmosphere saves us from the ultra violet rays of the sun?
  A. Nitrogen
  B. Oxygen
  C. Ozone
  D. Carbon Monoxide

43. What is the study of plants called?
  A.  Physics
  B.  Chemistry
  C.  Zoology
  D.  Biology
44. The three methods of science are observation, experimentation and
  A.  Hypothesis
  B.  Measurement
  C.  Deduction
  D.  inference
45. The Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) is located at
  A.  Jaipur
  B.  Jodhpur
  C.  Jaisalmer
  D.  Jallandhar
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