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DIRECTIONS : Latest Gk Questions.
13. The new railway coach factory has been set up in Punjab at
  A.  Ludhiana
  B.  Kapurthala
  C.  Julandhar
  D.  Amritsar
14. Bokaro Steel Plant has been set up with the assistance of
  A.  USSR
  B.  USA
  C.  Germany
  D.  UK
15. Pollination by birds is known as
  A.  Entomophily
  B.  Hydrophily
  C.  Ornithophily
  D.  Anemophily
16. The headquarters of Indian Research Organization is located at
  A.  Thiruvananthapuram
  B.  Cochin
  C.  Bangalore
  D.  New Delhi
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