Cricket Football Hockey
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on sports.
6. The 1996 Olympics are proposed to be held at
  A.  Atlanta
  B.  Tokyo
  C.  Melbourne
  D.  Manchester
7. Champion Trophy is associated with
  A. Cricket
  B. Chess
  C. Football
  D. Hockey

8. Leander Paes is associated with
  A.  Cricket
  B.  Tennis
  C.  Badminton
  D.  Football
9. The term Tee is connected with
  A.  Bridge
  B.  Polo
  C.  Golf
  D.  Billiards
10. In which city the Asian Games first took place?
  A.  Tokyo
  B.  New Delhi
  C.  Beijing
  D.  Kuala Lumpur
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