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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on sports.
1. The Commonwealth completed its 50 years in
  A.  September 1999
  B.  Octomber 1999
  C.  November 1999
  D.  December 1999
2. Olympic 2004 is scheduled to be held in
  A.  Seoul
  B.  Athens
  C.  Los Angeles
  D.  Rome

3. Anita Sood is associated with which of the following games/sport?
  A.  Hockey
  B.  Swimming
  C.  Table Tennis
  D.  Badminton
4. Which of the following is a pair of names of the same game?
  A.  Billiards–Snooker
  B.  Golf–polo
  C.  Soccer–Football
  D.  Volleyball–Squash
5. The Wimbledon Championship is played in
  A.  Sweden
  B.  U.K
  C.  Australia
  D.  France


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