World Geography

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
66. Which of the following is the leading import into India in terms of value?
  A.  Petroleum
  B.  Fertilisers
  C.  Machinery
  D.  Iron and steel
67. The International Airport in Tamil Nadu is
  A.  DumDum
  B.  Palam
  C.  Meenambakkam
  D.  Santa Cruz

68. Jaldapara Sanctuary is located in
  A.  West Bengal
  B.  Madhya Pradesh
  C.  Tamil Nadu
  D.  Assam
69. Which is the main source of irrigation of agricultural Land in India?
  A.  Rivers
  B.  Canals
  C.  Wells
  D.  Tanks
70. Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
  A.  Wheat
  B.  Barley
  C.  Jute
  D.  Rapeseed