World Geography

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
76. Indian Railways first introduced computerised reservation in
  A.  Mumbai
  B.  Delhi
  C.  Chennai
  D.  Kolkata
77. The largest producer of arecanut is
  A.  Maharashtra
  B.  Kerala
  C.  Andhra Pradesh
  D.  Tamil Nadu
78. The maximum density of canals lies in which of the following states?
  A.  Punjab
  B.  Andhra Pradesh
  C.  West Bengal
  D.  Uttar Pradesh
79. Which of the following states touches the boundary of state of Orissa?
  A.  Maharashtra
  B.  Kerala
  C.  Andhra Pradesh
  D.  Uttar Pradesh
80. Which of the following is the most important cash crop of West Bengal?
  A.  Tea
  B.  Coffee
  C.  Jute
  D.  Arecanut