World Geography

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Geography.
41. North–east monsoon brings maximum rainfall to
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Bombay
  C.  Calcutta
  D.  Madras
42. The biggest lake in India is
  A.  Sambhar lake
  B.  Wular lake
  C.  Chilka lake
  D.  Dal lake

43. Which one of the following places has maximum rainfall?
  A.  Cochin
  B.  Cherapunji
  C.  Panaji
  D.  Guwahati
44. The northern part of the west coast is known as
  A.  Malabar coast
  B.  Coromandel coast
  C.  Konkan coast
  D.  None of these
45. The forelands locally known as Bhabar region lies
  A.  in the western ghats
  B.  in the peninsular plateau
  C.  to the south of the siwaliks
  D.  in the eastern ghats