World Organisation

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
51. Which of the following is a not a member of Nato?
  A.  France
  B.  Italy
  C.  Sweden
  D.  Norway
52. The office of the UN General Assembly is
  A.  Paris
  B.  New York
  C.  Zurich
  D.  Vienna

53. Veto power is not possessed by
  A.  U.K.
  B.  U.S.A.
  C.  West Germany
  D.  U.S.S.R.
54. The headquarters of the World Health Organisation(WIPO) is located in which city?
  A.  Geneva
  B.  Switzerland
  C.  Paris
  D.  Madrid
55. The headquarters of CHOGM is at
  A.  New York
  B.  Gena
  C.  London
  D.  Amsterdam
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