World Organisation

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
61. The normal term of office of the U.N. Secretary General is
  A.  3 years
  B.  4 years
  C.  5 years
  D.  6 years
62. The main body of the United Nations Organisation is the
  A.  General Assembly
  B.  Security Council
  C.  Secretariat
  D.  Trusteeship Council

63. Headquarters of the World Health Organisation is located?
  A.  Rome
  B.  New York
  C.  Geneva
  D.  Washington
64. How many judges are members of the International Court of Justice?
  A.  15
  B.  17
  C.  18
  D.  19
65. Which of the following is a military alliance?
  A.  EEC
  C.  NATO

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