World Organisation

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
6. Which is not an official language of U.N.O?
  A.  French
  B.  English
  C.  Chinese
  D.  Hindi
7. The headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organisation is in
  A.  Paris
  B.  Rome
  C.  Washington
  D.  Madridh

8. What is the number of non–permanent members of the Security Council?
  A.  6
  B.  8
  C.  10
  D.  12
9. The UNO was founded at
  A.  Paris
  B.  London
  C.  Moscow
  D.  San Francisco
10. The original membership of UNO was
  A.  45
  B.  51
  C.  75
  D.  80
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