World Organisation

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
16. When was SAARC founded?
  A.  1982 A.D.
  B.  1983 A.D.
  C.  1984 A.D.
  D.  1985 A.D.
17. Which of the following is a cultural organisation?
  A.  ILO
  B.  WHO
  C.  FAO

18. The SAARC movement was launched for
  A.  cultural exchanges
  B.  political alliances
  C.  military strategy
  D.  regional cooperation
19. India at present, is not a member of which of the following?
  A.  NAM
  C.  UN Security Council
  D.  WHO
20. SAARC was founded in
  A.  Dhaka
  B.  Geneva
  C.  Thimpu
  D.  New Delhi
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