Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Zoology.
11. The rearing of silkworm is known as
  A.  Apiculture
  B.  Pisciculture
  C.  Sericulture
  D.  Horticulture
12. Which vitamin is destroyed by cooking?
  A.  Vitamin A
  B.  Vitamin C
  C.  Vitamin E
  D.  Vitamin D

13. Adenoid is the disease in which
  A.  Spleen enlarges
  B.  Tonsil enlarges
  C.  Nasal Tonsil enlarges
  D.  Thyroid enlarges
14. The vitamin responsible for antisterile activities is
  A.  Vitamin E
  B.  Vitamin K
  C.  Vitamin B12
  D.  Vitamin A
15. Terrestrial insects produce
  A.  Urea
  B.  Ammonia
  C.  Uric acid
  D.  Hippuric acid
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