Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Zoology.
21. Which of the following human fossils was found in India?
  A.  Homohabilis
  B.  Homobengalensis
  C.  Ramapithecus
  D.  Australopithecus
22. Radioactive isotopes cause
  A.  Blindness
  B.  Leukaemia
  C.  No health hazards
  D.  Bronchitis

23. The master gland in the endocrine orchestra is
  A.  Pancreas
  B.  Thyroid
  C.  Thymus
  D.  Pituitary
24. AIDS is caused by
  A.  Protozoa
  B.  Bacteria
  C.  Virus
  D.  Helminth
25. Terrestrial insects produce
  A.  Ammonia
  B.  Urea
  C.  Uric acid
  D.  Hippuric acid
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