Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Zoology.
26. Central nervous system consists of the
  A.  Brain and Heart
  B.  Brain and the Spinal cord
  C.  Spinal cord and Lungs
  D.  Brain and Lungs
27. Tiger is a
  A.  Parasite
  B.  Predator
  C.  Decomposer
  D.  Herbivore

28. Who experimented with the dissected leg of a frog?
  A.  Volta
  B.  Jenner
  C.  Salk
  D.  Galvani
29. Bones become soft due to
  A.  Marasmus
  B.  Scurvy
  C.  Rickets
  D.  Kwashiorkor
30. An example for inorganic waste is
  A.  Ashes
  B.  Plastics
  C.  Broken glass
  D.  All the above
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