Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Zoology.
1. The largest living animals belong to the group of
  A.  fishes
  B.  birds
  C.  reptiles
  D.  mammals
2. Birds excrete nitrogenous waste in the form of
  A. uric acid
  B. urea
  C. fatty acids
  D. ammonia

3. Dialysis is given to a man having problems in
  A.  phosphorous
  B.  magnesium
  C.  calcim
  D.  iron
4. Gene mutation takes place in
  A.  ribosomer
  B.  chloroplast
  C.  dioxyribose nuclei acid
  D.  mitochondrion
5. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of
  A.  Vitamin E
  B.  Vitamin A
  C.  Vitamin B
  D.  Vitamin K

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