Computer Basic GK Questions and Answers

25. Here a character to be printed is made up of a finite number of dots
  A.  Laser
  B.  Drum
  C.  Inkjet
  D.  Dot matrix
Ans: D
Dot matrix
26. Serial Printers are slower than
  A.  Dot matrix
  B.  Inkjet
  C.  Laser
  D.  All of these
Ans: D
All of these
27. Optical Mark Reading and Recognition (OMR)
  A.  Display unit
  B.  Document writer
  C.  Document reader
  D.  None of these
Ans: C
Document reader
28. Following is not the characteristic of computers
  A.  High speed and Huge storage
  B.  Slow speed and no storage
  C.  Automation and Diligence
  D.  Electronic device
Ans: B
Slow speed and no storage
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