Botany General knowledge Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on General Science.
11. Which of the following is known as the Father of Indian Botany?
  A.  T. Sadashivam
  B.  William Roxburgh
  C.  Birbal Shahni
  D.  K.C. Mehta
12. Mushrooms is a
  A.  Fern
  B.  Fungus
  C.  Moss
  D.  Alga
13. Golden rice has the highest quantity of
  A.  Vitamin A
  B.  Vitamin B
  C.  Vitamin C
  D.  Vitamin D
14. Plants which grow in saline soil are
  A.  Lithophytes
  B.  Hydrophytes
  C.  Xerophytes
  D.  Halophytes
15. Which among the following is not a true fruit?
  A.  Date
  B.  Plum
  C.  Apple
  D.  Grape
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