Science General knowledge Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Science.
1. Which one among the following nutrients is a structural component of the cell wall of plants?
  A.  Manganese
  B.  Potassium
  C.  Calcium
  D.  Phosphorus
2. Which one of the following insects spreads Kala -azar?
  A. Fruit fly
  B. Sand fly
  C. Tsetse fly
  D. Mosquito
3. Crocodiles store fats in
  A.  Tail
  B.  Head
  C.  Stomach
  D.  Arteries
4. Which one among the following is the largest monkey?
  A.  Spider monkey
  B.  Baboon
  C.  Howler monkey
  D.  Gorilla
5. Carbohydrates are stored in plants in and animals in the form of
  A.  Cellulose and glucose respectively
  B.  Starch and glucose respectively
  C.  Cellulose and glycogen respectively
  D.  Starch and glycogen respectively

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