Science General knowledge Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on General Science.
16. Book lungs occur in
  A.  Earthworms
  B.  Insects
  C.  Arachnids
  D.  Mammals
17. Collar cells occur in
  A.  Starfish
  B.  Sponges
  C.  Sandworm
  D.  Hydra
18. Snakes receive sound vibrations by
  A.  Tympanum
  B.  Body
  C.  Internal ear
  D.  Earth
19. Which of the following is a non poisonous snake?
  A.  Cobra
  B.  Python
  C.  Dryophis
  D.  All of these
20. Blood and lymph are types of
  A.  Muscular tissue
  B.  Epithelial tissue
  C.  Connective tissue
  D.  Permanent tissue
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