Computer MCQ Questions

DIRECTIONS : Computer MCQ Questions
1. The latest version of windows operating system is ____
  A.  Windows 7
  B.  Windows 10
  C.  Windows XP
  D.  Windows VISTA
2. Check the odd term out ____-
  A. Windows
  B. Unix
  C. Internet
  D. Linux

3. Computer use the ____ language to process data.
  A.  Binary
  B.  Representational
  C.  Kilobyte
  D.  Processing
4. The FTP stands for ____
  A.  File Transit Protocol
  B.  File Translate Protocol
  C.  File Transfer Protocol
  D.  File Typing Protocol
5. _____ write computer programs that perform jobs specified by the user.
  A.  Computer operator
  B.  System Analyst
  C.  Data entry operator
  D.  Programmer

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