Computer MCQ Questions

DIRECTIONS : Computer MCQ Questions.
6. The brain of a computer is ___
  A.  CD
  B.  CPU
  C.  Floppy disc
  D.  Megabyte
7. C++ is _____
  A.  A problem-oriented language
  B.  An object-oriented language
  C.  A procedure-oriented language
  D.  A file

8. The objective type of questions can be evaluated through ____
  A.  Magnetic Character Reader
  B.  Optical Mark Reader
  C.  Optical Bar Code Reader
  D.  All of the above
9. The largest unit of storage is _____
  A.  Exabyte
  B.  Petabyte
  C.  Terabyte
  D.  Zettabyte
10. Real time operating system is a following type of software ___
  A.  Utility software
  B.  Commercial software
  C.  Operating system
  D.  Application software
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