Computer Objective Questions

DIRECTIONS : Computer MCQ Questions.
6. In digital computer, data is represented in ___
  A.  Hexadecimal form
  B.  Octal form
  C.  Decimal form
  D.  Binary form
7. A plotter is ___
  A.  An impact device to produce good quality graphics
  B.  An output device to produce drawings and graphics
  C.  A fast output device using camera lenses
  D.  None of the above

8. Personal computer use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is common name for such boards?
  A.  Daughter board
  B.  Bread board
  C.  Mother board
  D.  Father board
9. A device or system not directly connected to the CPU is ___
  A.  Off-line
  B.  Memory
  C.  Keyboard
  D.  On-line
10. The electrical signals may be in the form of ___
  A.  Electronic signals
  B.  Electronic transmission
  C.  Digital or analog signals
  D.  Electrical signals
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