Geography General knowledge Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Geography.
5. Which one of the following is located in South Africa?
  A.  Steppes
  B.  Veld
  C.  Downs
  D.  Pampas
6. Which river of Africa crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice?
  A.  Congo
  B.  Niger
  C.  Zambezi
  D.  Limpopo
7. Which one of the following islands of the East Indies is divided into three countries?
  A.  Borneo
  B.  Celebes
  C.  Timor
  D.  New Guinea
8. The International Acid Rain information centre has been set up in
  A.  Osaka
  B.  Manchester
  C.  Berlin
  D.  Oslo
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