General knowledge Questions and Answers

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Gk.
1. The german scientist who segregated germplasm from somatoplasm for the first time was
  A.  Lamarck
  B.  Malthus
  C.  Weismann
  D.  Hugo de vries
2. The oral polio vaccine was discovered by
  A. Louis Pasteur
  B. Jonas Salk
  C. Alexander Fleming
  D. Robert Koch
3. Which is the largest part of the brain?
  A.  Cerebrum
  B.  Brain
  C.  Cerebellum
  D.  Medulla oblongata
4. Who is the father of modern genetics?
  A.  Gregor Mendel
  B.  Charles Darwin
  C.  Thomas Watson
  D.  Robert Koch
5. The male cattle which have large hump belong to the breed called
  A.  Kangayam
  B.  Hallikar
  C.  Ongole
  D.  Sindhi

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