Sports General knowledge Questions and Answers

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Gk.
16. Aswini Nachappa distinguished herself in
  A.  Athletics
  B.  Swimming
  C.  Badminton
  D.  Hockey
17. With which game is Ashok Shandilya associated?
  A.  Badminton
  B.  Hockey
  C.  Golf
  D.  Billiards
18. Which of the following is correctly matched?
  A.  Tennis : Bully
  B.  Chess : Checkmate
  C.  Boxing : Punch
  D.  Cricket : Gully
19. India first won the Olympic Hockey gold at
  A.  Rome
  B.  Amsterdam
  C.  LosAngeles
  D.  London
20. The term 'Duck' is associated with
  A.  Soccer
  B.  Volleyball
  C.  Golf
  D.  Cricket
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