Tnpsc General knowledge Questions and Answers

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Gk.
11. The deepest of the Earth is
  A.  Dead Sea
  B.  South Africa
  C.  South Pole
  D.  Mariana Trench
12. What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?
  A.  British
  B.  Swedish
  C.  American
  D.  German
13. Saba is the news agency of
  A.  Syria
  B.  Jordan
  C.  Yemen
  D.  Indonesia
14. The Suez Canal is in
  A.  Libya
  B.  Nigeria
  C.  Palestine
  D.  Egypt
15. 8 March is observed internally as?
  A.  World Health Day
  B.  World Water Day
  C.  Women's Day
  D.  Human Rights Day
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