Tnpsc General knowledge Questions and Answers

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Gk.
31. The headquarters of Transparency International is in
  A.  Berlin
  B.  London
  C.  Geneva
  D.  Amsterdam
32. The largest ocean of the world is
  A.  Pacific
  B.  Indian
  C.  Atlantic
  D.  Antartic
33. There are ______ members of SAARC.
  A.  5
  B.  6
  C.  7
  D.  8
34. The National Youth Day is celebrated on
  A.  12th January
  B.  13th January
  C.  14th January
  D.  15th January
35. Rock theme park is located at
  A.  Kerala
  B.  Karnataka
  C.  Andhra Pradesh
  D.  Madhya Pradesh
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