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Science is a curse:-

  • Scientific inventions in the field of military technology and hardware have brought about mass destruction.
  • Science was meant to be a good servant but has turned out to be a bad master.
  • Remember the savagery of World War II when the two great centres of Japan-Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely wiped out, its citizens being physically maimed and mentally deformed.
  • Those who regard science as a boon would say that industrialization and automation have made production on a mass scale possible and less strenuous, but they fail to realise that it has created large scale unemployment.
  • Science has taught us to conquer the moon and stars but failed to ennoble man himself while machines have been humanised man has been mechanised and dehumanised.
  • Granted that science has enabled us to fight diseases more effectively and lead a more healthy life but more and more deadly diseases, unknown to our forefathers are affecting us today.
  • Today cheap, easy and mechanical transport – scooters, cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes – has reduced distance for us but the pollution it causes cannot be overlooked.
  • Man is his quest for so called science aided advancement and urbanization has destroyed huge jungle tracts thus causing harm to ecological balance.

Science is a boon:-

  • Our education system has been revolutionsed with the help of science and technology.
  • Science is always a boon for mankind. Ever since man's appearance on the planet Earth he has endeavored to conquer the forces of nature to lead a happy life.
  • A civilised nation is one which has achieved scientific progress.
  • Our agriculture and farming have been completely revolutionised by science.
  • Big dams to channelise water and distribute it to the desert have turned arid areas into greenery.
  • Fast means of transport like aeroplanes and trains have made the world a global village.
  • Telephone, TV and satellite communications as also internet have made it possible to get latest information from anywhere in the world in no time.
  • Satellite photography has enabled us to explore new areas of minerals deposits and early warning from satellite pictures of an impending cyclone makes it possible to take counter measures.
  • Science has given us new medicines to fight diseases and increase the span of life.
  • Radiological progress, ECG, CT Scan, MRI, etc. help us greatly in detecting and diagnosing severe ailments.
  • Electronics and computers have changed our thinking and living radically, computerised machinery turn out products much faster and of better quality.
  • Computers have replaced manual labour with better performance and electronics have made it possible for the handicapped to lead a normal life.
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