C++ Programming Question and Answers

1. What is C++?
  • C++ is an object oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • C++ maintains almost all aspects of the C language, while simplifying memory management and adding several features – including a new data type known as a class to allow object oriented programming.
  • C++ maintains the features of C which allowed for low level access but also gives the programmer new tools to simplify memory management.
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2. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm where the complete software operates as a bunch of objects talking to each other.
  • An object is a collection of data and methods that operate on its data.
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3. What are the main features of OOP?
  The main features of OOP:
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
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4. What are advantages of OOP?
  The main advantage of OOP is better manageable code that covers following
  • The overall understanding of the software is increases as the distance between the language spoken by developers and that spoken by users.
  • Object orientation eases maintenance by the use of encapsulation.
  • One can easily change the underlying representation by keeping the methods same.
  • OOP paradigm is mainly useful for relatively big software.
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5. What are the different statements in C++?
  The different statements in C++ are :
  • Input/output,
  • Declaration,
  • Assignment,
  • Control structures,
  • Function call,
  • Object message and
  • Return
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