PowerBuilder Interview Question and Answers

93. Explain HELT CLOSE keyword?
  When PB encounters HALT without the keyword CLOSE, it immediately terminates the application.
When PB encouters HALT with the keyword CLOSE, it immediately executed the script for the close event for the application and then terminates the applicaiton.
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94. Explain MDI?
  MDI stand for Multiple Document Interface. It is an application style that allows users to open multiple windows(called sheets) in a single window(called MDI Frame) and to move freely among these sheet.

MDI has two PB window styles:
  • MDI Frame
  • MDI Frame with MicroHelp
MDI Frame has three parts:
  • Frame
  • Client Area
  • Sheets
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95. How to open a window with a parameter?
Opening window with a parameter
Stored in
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96. What is the differents between EVENT and FUNCTION in PowerBuilder?
1. An action in an object or control that can trigger a script. A program or rutine that performs specific process.
2. Top-Down approach Bottom-Up approach
3. Event has User Event and System or Built-in Event. Function has System Function, Object Function, User Define Function, Global Function, Local External Function, Global External Function and Remote Procedure call (RPC).
4. Event has Public default Access Level Function can declare Public, Private and Protected Access Level.
5. Event has PassByVal, PassByRef and ReadOnly. Function has PassByVal, PassByRef and ReadOnly.
6. Event can call Object Events Dynamically or Statically. Function can call Object Level Function Dynamically or Statically.
7. We can POST or TRIGGER an Event call. We can POST or TRIGGER a Function call
8. Events are associated only with objects. Function can be Global or part of an object’s definition.
9. Call an undefined event does not trigger an error. Call an undefined function triggers an error.
10. Event cannot be Overloaded Object-Level Function can be OverLoaded.
11. Events either return a value or do not have a return value. Function always has return value.
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