PowerBuilder Interview Question and Answers

11. What is the purpose of the PB.INI files?
  INI stands for “initialization”. They are primarily intended to be a standard format that applications can make use of to hold info from one run to the next. Rather than hard-coding the values of transaction properties in scripts, which is too inflexible for most real-world applications, you’ll want your scripts to read some or all of them from an .INI file. You could use PB.INI .INIs are always in the same format:
DBMS = Sybase
Database = Video Store DB
User Id =
DB Password =
Log Password =
Server Name =
Log Id=
Lock =
DBParm=ConnectString=‘DSN=VideoStore DB;UID=dba’
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12. How do you manipulate .INI file through PowerBuilder functions?
  Set Profile String()
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13. What is the DataWindowChild?
  A DropDownDataWindow behaves a child of the DataWindow Object that contains it.
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14. What do you mean about Data Window?
  A datawindow object is an object that you use to retrieve, present and manipulate data from a relational database or other data source(Such as EXCEL worksheet or DBASE file).
Retrieves data from a database and present it to the user in a wide variety of styles.
We can use datawindow objects in client/server, web-bsed and mult-itier applications.
The report we can create in Infomaker and the Datawindow objects. We can create in powerbuilder and the same objects.
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15. Explain types of presentation styles available in Datawindow?
  • Composite
  • Crosstab
  • Freeform
  • Graph
  • Grid
  • Group
  • Label
  • N-up
  • OLE-2.0
  • Richtext
  • Tabular
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