SAP User Security Interview Question and Answers

9. What is ABAP workbench?
  • The ABAP workbench is the central part for SAP R/3 system business applications.
  • It consists of fully integrated set of development tools, programming languages, data dictionary and functions.
  • These tools are very helpful for supporting the entire software development life cycle.
  • It is the basis for the development of application for client server system.
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10. What are the databases supported by the SAP R/3?
  SAP R/3 supports the following databases:
  • DB2/400
  • DB2/Common Server
  • DB2/MVS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Parallel Server
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11. What is roll area?
    Roll area is memory area which is allocated by work processes for program instance. Each time a user starts a program, a roll area is created for that instance of the program. If two users run the same program at the same time then two roll areas will be created one for each user. The memory in the roll area becomes free when the program ends its execution. It contains the following information about the program's execution.
  • The dynamic memory allocations
  • Variables value
  • The current pointer of the program
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12. Explain the role of SAP dispatcher?
  SAP dispatcher is the agent that controls the resources of the R/3 application. Every application server has a dispatcher that serves as a link between the work processes and the user logged in. its main role to receive requests from SAP graphical user interface and send it work processes that are available. It also sends screen outputs to the user coming from dialog step.
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